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Our Programs

CogWell offers national programs for college campuses to build a campus-wide network to support students with academic stresses and social challenges by offering Active Listening trainings run by our professional staff, a master guide to all training materials, and a tool-kit to start a CogWell chapter on campus. 

Program Menu: 

Active Listening Trainings: Our professional staff and student leaders are available to run in-person trainings.

Master Guide to Training Materials: We will provide access to all written training materials, which have been created by our Training Director Barbra Berley-Mellits, MSW.

Student-Athlete Peer Support Workshops: We work with student-athletes to improve communication on and off the field and support the mental wellness of athletes. Click here to view our student athlete testimonials! 

Chapter Starter Tool-Kit: A tool-kit will be provided to an advisor and student leaders who would like to start a CogWell chapter on a campus. 

Chapter Ambassador Program: An opportunity for students to interact and work with other CogWell student leaders on college campuses across the country. 



National Campus Chapters and Partners:

University of Pennsylvania 

Immaculata University

The Hidden Opponent

Westminster University

SUNY Binghamton University

University of Alabama

Riley's Way Foundation

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