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listen up
CogWell's STUDENT-supported ACTIVE LISTENING Workshop
CogWell trained student leaders are available to provide a one hour interactive peer-to-peer session that allows students to learn and practice Active Listening Skills. Upon the request of any campus group- greek life, sports teams, religious or academic clubs, etc.- trainings can be scheduled at the time and place of their choice.  

FRIENDS REACH OUT: How To Help A Friend In Need

CogWell's Supportive Intervention Training

This professional led experiential two-hour training provides students with important resources and skills development. 
CogWell FRIENDS REACH OUT Training participants will be able to:
  • recognize when someone is struggling with everyday college stresses or more serious mental health crises 
  • feel empowered to address concerns directly and compassionately 
  • identify warning signs and learn best practices for suicide intervention 
  • learn and practice Active Listening Skills using campus life situations 
  • become familiar with available referral resources and strategies for referral 
  • develop a peer network of like-minded people who are motivated to promote positive wellness practices
  • recognize and promote self-care practices

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